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We’re gear­ing our­selves up for a Pre-Christ­mas Tour with not one but FOUR of our pro­duc­tions hit­ting the road includ­ing; Victor’s Dung — The Whole Sto­ry, Indi­ges­tion, Padraig Potts’ and The Sand Park. 

It’s going to be a busy few months on the high­ways and byways as the dynam­ic Sea­mus O’Rourke returns and his two mer­ry elves Tom­my Sharkey and Charles McGuin­ness to enter­tain the mass­es around our fair land. So spread the word — O’Rourke is back and in a town or vil­lage near you soon! Details on all four pro­duc­tions are list­ed below includ­ing the venues, dates and times.

Victor’s Dung — The Whole Story

With Sea­mus O’Rourke, Char­lie McGuin­ness & Tom­my Sharkey

Victor’s Dung is set in a farm yard, com­plete with its very own dung heap, out­door toi­let and rather poor broad­band recep­tion. It is the com­ic tale of Vic­tor Maguire, a crude, vul­gar, abrupt, un-PC Cavan farmer who gets a sur­prise one Fri­day morn­ing. We are then tak­en on whirl­wind jour­ney through Victor’s some­what sad and uncon­ven­tion­al life, meet­ing up with many a strange bucko along the way… Hold on to your hats… and your sweets (because there may be Cavan peo­ple in the audi­ence)… this could get messy…


Thurs­day 5th Novem­ber 
Hawk’s Well The­atre, Sli­go

Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 071 9161518

Sat­ur­day 7th Novem­ber 
Roscom­mon Arts Cen­tre

Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 090 6625824

Thurs­day 12th Novem­ber
Garage The­atre, Mon­aghan
Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 047 39777

Fri­day 13th Novem­ber 
River­bank The­atre, New­bridge

Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 045 448327

Wednes­day 25th, Thurs­day 26th & Fri­day 27th
Corn Mill The­atre 

Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 049 4339612

Sat­ur­day 28th & Sun­day 29th Novem­ber 
Back­stage The­atre, Long­ford 

Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 043 3347888

Thurs­day 10th Decem­ber
Linen­hall, Castle­bar  

Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 094 902 3733



With Sea­mus O’Rourke

Indi­ges­tion came about after a chance meet­ing with a fel­la of my age and stature… he had a great sto­ry to tell and although it was a tough life he had led, he remained upbeat and pos­i­tive. I just thought, with the times that are in it, it was an impor­tant sto­ry to get out there. There is hope for all of us, no mat­ter how bleak things might seem.  

The sto­ry revolves around a man who is shipped off to Lon­don when he is 17… goes through bouts of depres­sion, obe­sity and anger issues… finds and los­es love, comes back to Ire­land to more mis­for­tune and may­hem and yet there is HOPE and loads of fun in that sto­ry too, there has to be, it’s real and in real­ity laugh­ter and tears are nev­er far from each oth­er and that’s even more true when you bring sto­ries to the stage. The reac­tion to the play so far has been great, because I think it is hope­ful and pos­i­tive and real. 


Thurs­day 22nd Octo­ber 
Cor­lagh Com­mu­ni­ty Cen­tre, Co. Cavan 

Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 086 8507222

Fri­day 23rd Octo­ber 
Bailie Hotel, Bailiebor­ough, Co. Cavan 

Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 042 9665334

Sat­ur­day 24th Octo­ber 
Fenagh Com­mu­ni­ty Cen­tre, Co. Leitrim 

Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 071 9645590

Sun­day 8th Novem­ber 
Kil­cock GAA Club­house, Co. Kil­dare

Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 01 628 7977

Sat­ur­day 14th Novem­ber 
Elphin Com­mu­ni­ty Cen­tre, Co. Roscom­mon  

Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 086 2686995

Sun­day 15th Novem­ber 
Mul­la­ho­ran Parochial Hall, Co. Cavan 

Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 087 8515262

Wednes­day 18th Novem­ber 
The Glens Cen­tre, Manorhamil­ton  

Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 071 9855833

Fri­day 20th Novem­ber  
Bal­ly­con­nell Com­mu­ni­ty Cen­tre, Co. Cavan 

Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 087 6369553


Padraig Pott’s Guide to Walking 

With Sea­mus O’Rourke

The play fol­lows the life of Padraig Potts McK­eir­nan, who has a habit of just eat­ing what­ever is on his plate, metaphor­i­cally that is, from grow­ing up near the tiny rur­al vil­lage of
Drum­namee, Coun­ty Leitrim in the 70’s and 80’s to falling in love with Sil­via Lang, a per­fect protes­tant girl… to mar­ry­ing Mary Tague, the priests house­keeper, who he nev­er real­ly liked… to get­ting rid of Mary Tague and her moth­er, who he claims invent­ed vine­gar… and even­tu­ally to the real­i­sa­tion that the world isn’t as big as he first thought.


Thurs­day 29th Octo­ber 
Cas­tle Dar­gan Hotel, Co. Sli­go 

Time: 8:00pm | Tel: 071 9118080

Fri­day 6th Novem­ber 
Athlone Springs Hotel, Co. West­meath 

Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 087 8115484

Thurs­day 19th Novem­ber 
Siamsa Tíre The­atre, Tralee 

Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 066 7123055


The Sand Park

With Sea­mus O’Rourke

The Sand Park is the some­times hilar­i­ous account of how James Antho­ny Low­ery, a man in his mid fifties, came to terms with the death of his son, fif­teen years ago and now more recent­ly, his wife Rose. It’s a play about rur­al Irish life and the way we cope with the inevitable, it’s a play about how life and death and humour and love and sad­ness all live in the same house togeth­er… and then a strange thing hap­pens…


Sat­ur­day 31st Octo­ber
The Hag­gard, Moyne, Co. Long­ford 

Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 087 1835064

Fri­day 20th Novem­ber 
Bal­ly­con­nell Com­mu­ni­ty Cen­tre, Co. Cavan 

Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 087 6369553

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