Indigestion and Charlie’s a Clepto

January 10, 2015 |  by

Big Gueril­la pro­duc­tions in asso­ci­a­tion with the Corn Mill The­atre are proud to present Indi­ges­tion, a new play by Sea­mus O’Rourke in Corn Mill The­atre on Fri­day 16th and Sat­ur­day 17th Jan­u­ary. Join­ing Sea­mus on the night will be Clare Mon­nel­ly (Moone Boy, Ride On!) with a self-penned piece; Charlie’s a Clep­to. 

Charlie’s a Clep­to
My name is Char­lie and I’m a clep­to. Today is a big day. An impor­tant day. I’ve been told. Stick to the facts. No tan­gents. No life sto­ry. Only tell them what they need to know. There’s a lot rid­ing on this. So… ye know… shut me mouth, like. Every­one has a sto­ry to tell… but… there’s a time and a place. This is nei­ther. Join Char­lie as she tries des­per­ate­ly to — for once in her life — keep her mouth shut for a while. 

That’s when I start­ed call­ing my prob­lem, Indi­ges­tion.. at least it’s a word ya can use’. A sim­ple, tough sto­ry from a sim­ple man from Swad. Fun­ny, hon­est and full of hope.


Fri­day 16th & Sat­ur­day 17th Jan­u­ary
Corn Mill The­atre & Arts Cen­tre
Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 049 4339612

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