Down by Seamus O’Rourke


Original Production

Thursday 7th December 2007

Produced by the Corn Mill Theatre Group

Corn Mill Theatre, Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim

Number of Acts

Play Type

Cast Size
7Male & 3 Female

Mr Treadstring (Fifties)
Danny (Sultry teenager)
Blossom (Bubbly teenager)
Mr Bold / Mr Percil / Mr Ariel (3 clones – same actor)
Mr Law (Dominant man of the Law)
Mr Order (Mild mannered, thirties)
Miss East  (Seventies, but acts young)
Mrs West (School teacher type, forties)
Tom Cryer (Cheeky Journalist, thirties)
Reverend Chapel (Vicar of no fixed religion)

When you close your eyes at end of day, let the darkness come out to play and so the play begins. What goes on in the darker caverns of your mind? Is there law and order? Do you really believe in the things you’re not sure about? Do we need to do the things we do and what if there was a test, what then? Does it matter if we’re not a bendy as we used to be? When you look inside yourself, what do you see? Where are we and more to the point, what the hell are we doing here?


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