Sea­mus O’Rourke once again brings us a sto­ry full of heartache and humour, as a pair of aging, rur­al, bach­e­lor broth­ers arrive at a point in their lives, where deci­sions have to be made about cer­tain things… well the buy­ing of a tele­vi­sion for one… and one sub­ject leads to anoth­er and the next thing, they’re bring­ing up all kinds of ‘auld shite’ that could have been left under the bed along with every­thing else.

Eugene McPart­land is wok­en by his broth­er Pat in the mid­dle of the night in 1979. Not only does Pat wake him, but he has his good suit on him too… and a light on in the bed­room and anoth­er on the land­ing… and as well as burn­ing up the elec­tric, he now wants to talk…

Cast: Sea­mus O’Rourke & Arthur Rior­dan
Direct­ed by Bair­bre Ni Chaoimh

From Under The Bed Tour 2018

2nd May 2018
Hawk­swell, Sli­go
Time: 8:00pm | Tel: (071) 9161518

3rd May 2018
Roscom­mon Arts Cen­tre
Time: 8:00pm | Tel: (090) 6625824

4th & 5th May 2018
Back­stage The­atre, Long­ford
Time: 8:00pm | Tel: (043) 3347888 

10th May 2018
Delvin Com­mu­ni­ty Hall
Time: 8pm | Tel: (087) 906 9198

11th & 12th May 2018
St. Declan’s Hall Ard­more, Co. Water­ford
Time: 8pm | Tel: (086) 2330810

14th May-2nd June 2018
Viking The­atre, The Sheds, Clon­tarf
Time: 8:00pm | Tel: (087) 1129970

3rd June 2018
Killink­ere Leisure Cen­tre
Time: 9pm

5th June 2018
The Civic The­atre, Tal­laght
Time: 8:00pm | Tel: (01) 4627477

7th June 2018
The Pavil­ion, Dun Laoghaire
Time: 8:00pm | Tel: (01) 2312929

8th June 2018
St. Mogue’s Hall, Ince, Gorey, Co. Wex­ford
Time: 8:30pm | Tel: (087) 241 1926

9th June 2018
The Vil­lage Arts Cen­tre, Kil­worth, Co. Cork