The Trappe Family by Seamus O’Rourke


Original Production

Sunday 2nd March 2008

Produced by the Corn Mill Theatre Group

Corn Mill Theatre, Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim

Number of Acts

Play Type

Cast Size
3 Male & 2 Female

Mammy Trappe (The mother, seventies)
Freddie Trappe (Her son, mid-thirties)
Patrick Trappe (Her son, a bit harmless, twenties)
Majella Trappe (Only daughter, single mother, thirties)
Joseph Trappe (Eldest son, late forties)

Sylvester Trappe fell off his garage roof five years ago and died. Every year since then his wife drags her three sons and one daughter up to the same rooftop to commemorate his death and some of his life. This play is about a family in the northwest of Ireland on a rooftop in 2007 looking out over the town and themselves. So much has changed, so much has not…


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