And thank you…

Sea­mus O’Rourke joins forces with direc­tor Charles McGuin­ness — The team who brought us ‘Padraig Potts’ Guide to Walk­ing’ — And once again we can expect a bit of every­thing…

And thank you… is a play about an ordi­nary man liv­ing in rur­al Ire­land who gets saved… Saved from a life of pub talk and proph­e­sis­ing. King John O’Sullivan used to be able to drink fif­teen pints with­out hav­ing to pid­dle, now, it’s every nine. Going to the Gents so often can wear a man out.

The sto­ry is told by the Rev­erend Thad­daeus Clan­cy and O’Sullivan’s two sons, Lar­ry O and Mar­tin. The sons run the fam­i­ly shop while Dad­dy, the King of McKenna’s Bar makes up the rules.

It’s a sto­ry of hard work and suc­cess and dan­gling. There’s bad dri­ving and ice hock­ey and there’s falling down. When the ‘Div­el’ starts to gnaw, the king­dom will fall.

And thank you…

Cast: Sea­mus O’Rourke
Direct­ed by Charles McGuin­ness

And thank you… Tour 2018


Thurs­day 5th July
Hooly at the Bridge, Can­ningstown, Co.Cavan
Time: 8:30pm

Sat­ur­day 21st July
Delvin Parish Hall, Co. West­meath
Time: 8pm | Tel: 087 906 9198

Fri­day 27th July
Mul­lagh Hall, Co. Cavan
Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 086 836 6622

Sat­ur­day 28th July
Kill­naleck, Co. Cavan
Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 086 275 9094

Thurs­day 9th, Fri­day 10th & Sat­ur­day 11th August
Corn Mill The­atre, Car­ri­gallen
Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 087 2570 363

Fri­day 17th August
Drum­keerin Com­mu­ni­ty Cen­tre, Co. Leitrim
Time: 9pm | Tel: 087 244 8642

Fri­day 31st August — Sat­ur­day 1st Sep­tem­ber
Ramor The­atre
Time: 8pm | Tel: 049 854 7074

Fri­day 7th Sep­tem­ber
Dru­malee Com­mu­ni­ty Cen­tre, Co. Cavan
Time: 8:30pm | Tel: 087 238 4111

Thurs­day 27th Sep­tem­ber
Town Hall The­atre, Clare­mor­ris
Time: 8pm | Tel: 094 931 0999

Fri­day 28th Sep­tem­ber
Hawk’s Well The­atre, Sli­go
Time: 8pm | Tel: 071 916 1518

Sat­ur­day 6th Octo­ber
Ard­howen The­atre, Enniskillen
Time: 8pm | Tel: 028 6632 5440

Fri­day 12th Octo­ber
Gal­lon­ray House, Cavan
Time: 8pm | Tel: 049 555 2239

Mon­day 15th — Sat­ur­day 27th Octo­ber
Viking The­atre, Clon­tarf
Time: 8pm | Tel: 087 112 9970

Wednes­day 21st & Thurs­day 22nd Novem­ber
Back­stage The­atre, Long­ford
Time: 8pm | Tel: 043 334 7888

Thurs­day 13th Decem­ber
Roscom­mon Arts Cen­tre
Time: 8pm | Tel: 090 662 5824

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