Seamus O’Rourke returns with a nationwide tour of his latest self-penned production Indigestion.  


Indigestion came about after a chance meeting with a fella of my age and stature… he had a great story to tell and although it was a tough life he had led, he remained upbeat and positive. I just thought, with the times that are in it, it was an important story to get out there. There is hope for all of us, no matter how bleak things might seem.  

The story revolves around a man who is shipped off to London when he is 17… goes through bouts of depression, obesity and anger issues… finds and loses love, comes back to Ireland to more misfortune and mayhem and yet there is HOPE and loads of fun in that story too, there has to be, it’s real and in reality laughter and tears are never far from each other and that’s even more true when you bring stories to the stage. The reaction to the play so far has been great, because I think it is hopeful and positive and real. 

A3-Padraig Potts Guide to Walking | Seamus O'Rourke | Big Guerilla Productions
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