Down by Seamus O’Rourke


Original Production

Thurs­day 7th Decem­ber 2007

Pro­duced by the Corn Mill The­atre Group

Corn Mill The­atre, Car­ri­gallen, Co. Leitrim

Num­ber of Acts

Play Type

Cast Size
7Male & 3 Female

Mr Tread­string (Fifties)
Dan­ny (Sul­try teenag­er)
Blos­som (Bub­bly teenag­er)
Mr Bold / Mr Per­cil / Mr Ariel (3 clones — same actor)
Mr Law (Dom­i­nant man of the Law)
Mr Order (Mild man­nered, thir­ties)
Miss East  (Sev­en­ties, but acts young)
Mrs West (School teacher type, for­ties)
Tom Cry­er (Cheeky Jour­nal­ist, thir­ties)
Rev­erend Chapel (Vic­ar of no fixed reli­gion)

When you close your eyes at end of day, let the dark­ness come out to play and so the play begins. What goes on in the dark­er cav­erns of your mind? Is there law and order? Do you real­ly believe in the things you’re not sure about? Do we need to do the things we do and what if there was a test, what then? Does it mat­ter if we’re not a bendy as we used to be? When you look inside your­self, what do you see? Where are we and more to the point, what the hell are we doing here?


Con­tact Sea­mus if you would like to get a copy of this script or any of his plays.