Ride On! by Seamus O’Rourke

Original Production

Fri­day 7th Decem­ber 2008

Pro­duced by the Corn Mill The­atre Group

Corn Mill The­atre, Car­ri­gallen, Co. Leitrim

Num­ber of Acts

Play Type

Cast Size
4 Male & 2 Female

Doreen Dana­her (Chief Organ­is­er, late for­ties)
Motor (Mechan­ic, mid-thir­ties)
James ‘Clat­ty’ Burke (Politi­cian, fifties)
Rosie (In love with Rin­so, twen­ties)
Ger­ry ‘Rin­so’ Sul­li­van (Wants to make his mark, ear­ly thir­ties)
Vic­tor Maguire (Cavan farmer, six­ties)

Five mem­bers of the Drumkar­ren Hon­da club are sit­ting in an old shed in Co. Cavan ready to embark on a Hon­da 50 bike ride. It’s rain­ing and the oth­er twen­ty mem­bers are stuck in Kil­lashan­dra. Their host is Cavan farmer, Vic­tor Maguire, who eats grape fruit for break­fast. This play is about rur­al com­mu­ni­ties, local news­pa­pers, local radio, local gos­sip and the BOOM that is now a BUST…(But Busts can be nice too). A lot can hap­pen in a shed… in Cavan… on a wet day with a Hon­da called Hil­da…

Professional Production

Thurs­day 22nd Decem­ber 2011

Pro­duced by the Livin’ Dred The­atre Com­pa­ny

Ramor The­atre, Vir­ginia, Co. Cavan

Doreen Dana­her — Gail Fitz­patrick
Motor — Pa Ryan
James ‘Clat­ty’ Burke — John Ola­han
Rosie — Clare Mon­nel­ly
Ger­ry ‘Rin­so’ Sul­li­van — Ian Lloyd Ander­son
Vic­tor Maguire — Sea­mus O’Rourke

Pro­duc­tion Team
Direct­ed by Padra­ic McIn­tyre
Pro­duced by Mary Han­ley

Livin’ Dred in asso­ci­a­tion with NOMAD will tour this pro­duc­tion again in Novem­ber & Decem­ber 2012

Con­tact Sea­mus if you would like to get a copy of this script or any of his plays.