The Trappe Family by Seamus O’Rourke

Original Production

Sun­day 2nd March 2008

Pro­duced by the Corn Mill The­atre Group

Corn Mill The­atre, Car­ri­gallen, Co. Leitrim

Num­ber of Acts

Play Type

Cast Size
3 Male & 2 Female

Mam­my Trappe (The moth­er, sev­en­ties)
Fred­die Trappe (Her son, mid-thir­ties)
Patrick Trappe (Her son, a bit harm­less, twen­ties)
Majel­la Trappe (Only daugh­ter, sin­gle moth­er, thir­ties)
Joseph Trappe (Eldest son, late for­ties)

Sylvester Trappe fell off his garage roof five years ago and died. Every year since then his wife drags her three sons and one daugh­ter up to the same rooftop to com­mem­o­rate his death and some of his life. This play is about a fam­i­ly in the north­west of Ire­land on a rooftop in 2007 look­ing out over the town and them­selves. So much has changed, so much has not…

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