Victor’s Dung (The Second Cut) by Seamus O’Rourke


Orig­i­nal Production

Sat­ur­day 4th August 2012

Big Gueril­la Pro­duc­tions

Corn Mill The­atre, Car­ri­gallen, Co. Leitrim

Num­ber of Acts

Play Type

Cast Size
3 Male

Vic­tor Maguire (Cavan farmer, six­ties)
Dung 1 (twenties/thirties)
Dung 2 (twenties/thirties)

Cavan farmer Vic­tor Maguire has nev­er been too kind to the envi­ron­ment… and even more so now that he is ten years old­er and ten years grumpi­er. After a bit of a run in with Joe Duffy on the radio, Vic­tor’s sedate life is once again thrown into dis­ar­ray by a sud­den influx of intrud­ers includ­ing dog war­dens, Guards, sci­en­tist, mon­keys, tick­et sell­ers and of course God him­self… but he’s not the worst of them… but then it’s hard to tell with God.


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