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The Cavan Curse | Seamus O'Rourke | Big Guerilla Productions

The Cavan Curse

The Cavan Curse Seamus O’Rourke once again teams up with Cavan writer John McManus (The Quare Land & Danger Money) and Cavan actress Fiona Fitzpatrick in his latest production The Cavan Curse.  Synopsis Cavan has reached the All-Ireland final against Kerry… they haven’t won since 1952… my character (A blacksmith from Templeport) is the last surviving member […]

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Stalemate | Seamus O'Rourke | Big Guerilla Productions


Stalemate Seamus O’Rourke takes to the boards at the Backstage Theatre Longford, in a cast of four in his brand new, jaw-droppingly funny comedy play Stalemate that is bound to leave audiences shouting for more.  Synopsis Rookie criminals Mary Donlon and Marcus Sheridan hold the docile barman Paddy English at gunpoint…It’s four in the morning

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The Pitch | Seamus O'Rourke | Big Guerilla Productions

The Pitch

The Pitch Philly lived and played for his team, the jersey, the parish, his friends − the very pitch his enemies are now trying to take from him to turn into a housing estate. Like Philoctetes abandoned by his comrades as they go off to fight the Trojan War, Philly is tormented by painful memories

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